Photos courtesy Alyssa McElheny, Danielle Hammell, Jessica Byrum, and Raelyn Diekema.


And welcome to my website. Thank you so much for visiting. To introduce myself first and foremost, I am Olivia.

I am a Great Falls, Montana based photographer who started photographing in 2010. I moved to the Treasure State in 2014 following a zealous aspiration for adventure in every sense of the word -- and a newly wed husband. Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan I also do business in my home town as my love for the Great Lakes endures. 

I specialize in Wedding Portraiture, Lifestyle, and Landscape Photography. I seek to bring a natural, dramatic, artistic feel to your photographs. As with all memories they get sweeter with time, I seek to bring that sweetness and dramatic allure to your adventure right when the photos are being taken. I want to take you to places where no one has ever had their photograph taken. I hope to have an experience with you during our session, make a memory or two, and ultimately give you something you want to talk about at parties - something so fun you see it in the back of your eyelids when you're falling asleep.


 I have a love for the wildness of the West and especially for the mountains and rivers. Coming from a state where the lake was only half an hour away I always appreciated the vastness and the expanse - but that was changed forever during my first visit to Montana. My eyes became as wide as the sky and I knew I had found "home".

 My philosophy of life would be best described within dualities. I love nature's seemingly random sequence, but a bit deeper is always a pattern. I love the risk of love, but the finality of fate. I want a tender messy experience, but to wash myself clean and crawl into bed every night, everything in its right place.  

 Alongside photography, I have a passionate relationship with the media, in all its forms. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication from Montana State University, and I'm hoping to continue to combine my creative drive for photography, design, public relations, and communication in every professional way possible. When I'm not photographing, I'm working as the Media Manager for North 40 Outfitters; where I manage social media, a photography and videography team, and email marketing. When I'm not editing, I'm wading rivers and trying to net trout with my husband which keeps my weekends busy for 3 of the 4 seasons. My husband is my soul bonded mountaineer, after his career in the Air Force he has now pursued his own passion in fly fishing photography, where I dabble in to provide documentation of the gnar gnar brown trout. We have a dearly beloved basset hound named Gus. I love succulents and cacti (who doesn't). Post grunge and nu-metal is my guilty pleasure. Art history is my favorite jeopardy category. I thoroughly enjoy road trips and live music. My favorite books to read are Horror novels. I love travel. I love Europe. But most importantly I love mountains. I love exploring. I love adventure. Please keep up with my adventures by visiting my Instagram or checking out some of the photos below!

To explore some of my personal projects and see what I photograph when I'm not "working" check out the link to my FIELD GUIDE pages - here you can find photos of river monsters, Montana Fauna & Flora, my travels around Europe, and some macro documentation of my favorite plants - a peak inside what keeps the creative vibes flowing!

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you so much for considering me to photograph your adventure; whatever it may be.

 Courtesy Alyssa McElheny Photography.

Courtesy Alyssa McElheny Photography.

 Photography courtesy Chelsea Seekell Photography.

Photography courtesy Chelsea Seekell Photography.

 Photography courtesy Chelsea Seekell Photography.

Photography courtesy Chelsea Seekell Photography.